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1. WordPress.org

WordPress.org is an open-source stage for bloggers, and it comes with a token fee to use this stage. You can have your blog on this stage for as low as $2.75 every month, which may differ depending on the host you are hosting your blog on.

With wordpress.org, you will enjoy the use of the stage with great features that will help you to make money with your blog. You get access to a large number of modules and templates that you can use on your foundation, redoing it to your taste.

They have an excellent customer service that is available every minute of every day and will help you in setting up and utilizing the stage.

You can make money on this stage as one of the best blog sites to make money online with its unique SEO features. The stage is easy to use as you can get your blog running in no time, and with the free useful modules available, you can customize your blog to help you make money with SEO modules, systematic devices, and user-friendly templates.

You can make money utilizing Google Adsense, and they have arrangements for adverts placement and money-production through affiliate marketing and selling of items, as you can likewise on your blog.

2. Wix.com

Wix.com is very expensive, as you can spend up to $11 per month, utilizing this stage for your blog. The stage has numerous impediments, and you are left with limited themes and modules, which make it hard to customize your blog to your taste.

You can make money on your blog utilizing the paid version of Wix as you are free to place your advertisements on the stage, unlike the free version where you are left with Wix promotions.

Wix is easy to use with its friendly stage, as you have to pull and haul to create your foundation. Also, its critical disadvantages are that it has limited modules and templates that may confine the manner in which you need your blog to appear. With a few software, it is hard to develop your blog and make money as easy as other stages.

3. Squarespace.com

The least sum you can use to begin a blog on Squarespace is $12, which places it on a high side in creating a blog. It is easy for beginners who come up short on any technical aptitudes to create a blog easily with its simplified software.

It hosts fewer modules and third-get-together software, which makes it less likely to get your custom stage utilizing this stage. As easy all things considered to use this stage, it is more challenging to promote your blog and make money with this stage, and it is more expensive to manufacture an e-commerce store with Squarespace.

It is suitable for an independent venture to make money with Squarespace and not suitable for full-time bloggers and enormous online businesses.

4. Weebly.com

Weebly.com is less well known and less expensive compared to other addressed blog sites with cost as low as $8 per month. The blog site offers negligible features when you consider what other blogging stage offers.

It is easy to use and has intuitive software for those that have less experience in coding and working on websites. You can make money on Weebly assembling an online store as it is easy and has great features that will bolster your online store.

5. Joomla.com

Joomla is one of the most well-known blog sites that offer a full content management system for bloggers. It is very expensive, despite the fact that the principal month is free, and afterward, the charges can go as high as $20 to $100 per month, which will depend on the choices and features you will choose for your blog.

This blogging stage offers a wide variety of alternatives that will enable you to make money from your blog utilizing promotion revenues, sponsored advertisements, affiliate marketing, and paid adverts. It tends to be challenging to use, and one may require little technical abilities to help in setting up the blog.