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The website has a low time-on-site.

Your visitors are not staying on your pages longer. Do you think that some of your features and elements are pushing them away? Find out the factors that are turning them off. Then, once you redesign your website, time-on-site will most likely increase.

The design is not mobile friendly.

Have you ever browsed your website through a mobile device? If you didn’t design it for mobile, then it is not mobile friendly. Visitors are surely having a difficult time navigating around your pages through their smartphones and tablets.

The design is not generating leads, sales and revenue.

Your website is clearly not gaining conversions, traffic and sales. If your pages fail to get sales and leads, then obviously there is a problem.

The website has no conversion funnel.

If you have no clue about where your conversion funnel is, then it’s time for redesign. Beginning from the website’s home page, you must know how people will navigate around it.

The design is outdated.

Your website design looks ancient. Keep in mind that as the years progress, the preferences and tastes of consumers change. It’s necessary to make improvements and adjustments both in your design and strategy.

The design doesn’t fails to make a good first impression.

First impressions mean a lot. This only means that you need to capture the attention of your audiences fast. You only have around three seconds to impress them.

The website doesn’t appear credible and trustworthy.

Every website needs to be trustworthy in order to succeed in the long run. If yours look sketchy, then it’s time to redesign. People would get scared to purchase anything from it since they don’t know who you are exactly.

The website has a high bounce rate.

Your website analytics can save you from poor performance. Do you know if your pages have high bounce rate? Bounce rate is the percentage of people who navigate away from your website after only browsing a single page. Now, what can you do to prevent them from leaving?