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When we see someone being a total hoarder over particular things, we tend to shudder and take a step back and start thinking that we are glad that we are not the kind of person who stuffs our favourite miscellaneous things for collection at home. But, deep down, we all know that we are some kind of a hoarder when it comes to the things we like. When you finally realise that you do hoard things, you try to justify them as containing sentimental values. It is never wrong to collect things and make them a hobby as long as you know well how to organise those from piling up unnecessarily. The matter that brings it as a total problem is when the hoarded items are too much for you to handle and you no longer have the psychical space to store them all. 

It is scientifically proven that people who care about hygiene and their home organisation will have clearer mental well beings. This is because when you have tidy spaces surrounding you, your mind becomes more at ease. But for people who suffer from mental disturbance, you can try improving your whole environment to be more livable. Sometimes, people who are silently battling with depression do not show outwardly that they have things going on inside, but you can take the hint by seeing their state of home. The best thing you can do as a friend is to help them step by step.

One of the things you can undertake to improve your well being is to start doing decluttering. This means getting all of your stuff out to separate from the ones you will keep for future use and those that you no longer feel attached to. Sometimes we do not realise and notice that we are storing useless things inside our house that it becomes a huge pile of untouched things that you yourself do not know what to do with it. When this happens, you should take it slowly but try to work on segregating both items into wants or needs. 

You can also make money when you declutter. If you think that some of the items are valuable, but you no longer need them, you can try opting for preloved sales. There are a lot of secondhand sales being made these days because people are getting more aware of decluttering and its importance. Sometimes, when you wish to move on from a previous relationship or friendship, having their stuff in your home can stunt your emotional growth. To avoid this, you can either return them or just sell them out. This is because someone’s trash can be someone else’s treasure. To set up a platform to sell things, you can get some help from Malaysia website designers to build a website for you. 

There are other existing platforms available online such as Carousell, Shopee and you can even use Facebook Market to advertise your goods. Doing this can also reduce pollutions from happening around the world.