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Everyone wants to be constantly updated on the online trends and news. Especially if you are involved in the cryptocurrency industry at the moment. Currently, the industry is one of the fastest growing markets with new updates, statistics and news every single day.


Having one foot in the door for the latest change will allow you to make proper investments and hopefully generate a substantial amount of earnings. However, you can lose out on a lot if you fail to understand the inner workings of the blockchain industry.

Therefore, it would be ideal if you had an ear on the ground, so that you can make the necessary changes according to the climate of the industry, Plus, if you feel like today might not be the day, you can always pull out and invest another time. 


So, how exactly do you be on top of all these news and updates that come in every minute? Well. keep reading to find out. Here are a few things you could do to ensure that you are constantly updated on the latest cryptocurrency news.


Telegram/Discord Groups


These platforms are one of the popular places to obtain any new information on the latest trends. The crypto communities are quite active in these areas. These platforms offer users a way to communicate with each other.


Here, you can ask your fellow crypto community members advice and opinions on making a decision. It is a safe space for you to bring up any doubts or questions you may have on a certain project or investment. You can always get the latest announcements regarding the crypto industry on Discord and Telegram groups. 

Podcasts and YouTube


These platforms are usually for getting involved in long-form discussions. You can choose to watch multiple youtubers as they provide you with tips, tricks and inner methods of getting ahead of the game.


Youtubers like Good Morning Crypto, Altcoin Daily, Crypto Lark and That Martini Guy. These are just a few of the reliable YouTubers that you should be tuning into for the latest trends. 


If you prefer to deep dive into cryptocurrency trends and issues, you should also start listening to Spotify Podcast. Maybe listen to them during your workout sessions or on your way to work. These podcasts allow you to scan the field and outline your play for when you start investing. 


Crypto Twitter


If you claim to be a part of the crypto community but have yet to hear of crypto twitter, you are still considered an outsider. Almost everyone from the crypto community is on this platform. The app allows people to interact through discussion and news. 


The app provides users with a constant stream of new knowledge and key information about the crypto industry. Industry professionals are always tweeting about the latest update and announcement. You can keep-up-to date with any crypto currency news there. 


The latest feature update on Twitter also allows people to host Twitter Spaces, a live discussion of people voicing out their thoughts and opinions on the latest news.

So, if you want live cryptocurrency news on your fingertips, follow these tips and tricks.