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Are you looking for the best website hosting service in Malaysia for your new blog? Starting a new website is not easy. If you really want your website to be successful in the long run, you must take your time in picking the most reliable web host. Don’t let price dictate your choice. While the cost is a key component in choosing for most small business owners, there are plenty of other things you would want to weigh in first before committing to a deal.When Choosing the web hosting service plan, you can have and get an idea on hostgator reviews in Malaysia for more reliable reviews.

Customer support

No matter what web host plan you are planning to get, see to it that they would respond to your inquiries and needs quickly. Moreover, they should have knowledgeable and patient staff members. It’s better if you can reach them in a number of ways, from live chat and phone support to email ticketing.

Bandwidth and Storage

The amount of bandwidth and storage you need would depend on your blog content plan and strategy. If you are thinking of including high-resolution videos and images, then find a plan with lots of storage. Bandwidth, on the other hand, determines how quick the information would be transported to and from the website.


Security should be a top concern for many small business owners, most especially to those who own an ecommerce website. Always settle with web hosts that offer spam protection, SSL encryption, and other types of backup. But, if you want to go beyond these basic security techniques, look for advanced security features such as DDoS protection.

One-click restore and automatic backups

The best hosting services provide one-click restore and regular backups. Daily website backups mean that in case your website gets compromised of an error, or gets hacked, you can retrieve all of your data.