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You might have heard of libido-boosting supplements before and you think that this can really help you get your sex drive back on track. Well, they are called ‘supplements’ for a reason in that you actually have to eat the right foods and have a healthy lifestyle to achieve the results that you want (this being a sex drive that pumps up the sheets).

Well, I am going to be talking about some foods that will actually heighten your libido so be sure to read through the entire article to find out what they are.

Dark Chocolate

Have you ever sweat it out in the gym? If so, you’ve probably felt really good after a long and sweaty session, am I right? Well, that is because increased physical activity can induce the release of endorphins which are hormones that can make you feel good.

Well, chocolate (dark chocolate, for that matter) contains phenethylamine which is a compound that triggers the same response to that of a 60-minute workout in the gym.

A block or two of dark chocolate should be enough to send a signal to your brain to release these happy hormones, especially before, during, and after sex.

Pumpkin Seeds

For a time, testosterone is believed to only affect men, but that is actually not the case. The said hormone actually affects everybody and this is the hormone that is responsible for an increased sex drive.

Therefore, if you want to be active in the sheets, you want to ramp up your testosterone production by eating the right foods. Pumpkin seeds happen to be one of the most convenient foods out there since it is rich in Zinc.

Zinc can improve testosterone levels on both men and women. So if you feel that you are on a bedroom slump, gorging on some seeds can help.


There is a reason why eggs are consistently a part of any healthy diet plan. Aside from the fact that it is one of the cheapest proteins on the market, it contains loads of amino acids that can heavily impact your libido.

One of these amino acids is L-arginine. It can improve sex hormones and improve blood circulation in men. This, in turn, can help prevent erectile dysfunction.

Maca Powder

The powder that is derived from the Maca root has been used extensively in Incan medicine. It has a lot of health benefits; one of which is its ability to heighten your libido.

Although further studies would have to be done in order to fully understand why it does what it does, people can attest to the positive effects of taking Maca powder.

Grass-fed Steak

Organic steak is rich in protein and nutrients that can help nourish the body. It’s got loads of iron which can help transport more oxygen through your red blood cells.

Aside from that, it is rich in B-vitamins which can help your overall bodily functions. And, who can forget about Zinc? Yep, grass-fed steak also has that as well.