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As we are all aware, we are currently facing a worldwide pandemic called as COVID-19. Many countries have been issued to be on a lockdown where unnecessary outings are not encouraged. In Malaysia, we are strictly told to follow the Standard Operating Procedure, also known as SOP, that was issued by the government. 

As the pandemic is not wholly removed, the SOP requires unimportant premises to remain close as a way to stop the virus from spreading. Unfortunately, one of these premises is the casino. Casinos were told to remain close as they are not an essential in our current situation. 

However, are you still eager to gamble? It has been so long and your hands are itching for the thrills of gambling? Worry not! We have a SOP-obedient casino just for you. What is it? Online casinos of course! A lot of online casinos, such as 918kiss, exist nowadays and will be the perfect choice for you. Here is why online casinos are a safe choice during COVID-19.

Why Online Casinos are A Safer Choice During COVID-19

1. It is safe

Let’s be honest, it is called an “online” casino for a reason. Since they are online and have no physical outlets, you do not have to be worried about catching corona virus while gambling. You can gamble anywhere and anytime in an online casino! 

Since you will be chilling in your home and gamble on your phone or laptop, online casinos are definitely a hundred percent safe from COVID-19! You will only need to focus on playing all the games offered by the online casino. Corona who? We are going to focus on getting rich now!

2. It does not involves a huge crowd

Since the casinos are only virtual and not real, you would not have to worry about crowds. Why? Because there are literally no crowds! This makes online casinos follow the SOP that was issued by the government! You do not have to be worried about wearing masks and social distancing as you are at your own house. 

Take off your mask and open your laptop instead. No matter how many people are online in the online casinos, you guys are definitely practicing social distancing. The police cannot capture you and fine you. Instead, you will be making money! 

3. No physical items

When you go out to the store, do you always get worried whether the things you have touched are sanitised or not? You get afraid that the virus or germs are on those things and you have touched it?! Well you would not be getting those fears in online casinos! This is because the things you are going to touch are your own personal items! 

4. Cash are transferred online

You know that the government announced that it is better for us to do cashless payment during this pandemic right? This is because they are afraid that cash money might have the virus on it. And you will spread it away when buying stuff. However, online casinos pay you through online transfer. They will transfer your payout into your registered bank account! How beneficial is that? You do not have to worry about germs on your money because they are all online now!