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Don’t be scared of staining your wedding dress.

For many brides, their wedding dresses are big parts of the wedding celebration. But, once the celebration is over that luxury wedding dress in Malaysia will surely make you sweat during the reception. Peeing would also be a nightmare. The best mindset? A little dirt on the beautiful gown wouldn’t hurt.

Distributing drink tickets is an excellent idea.

Suggest a maximum of 2 drinks per guest. You can save all the heavy drinking for your wedding after party.

Consider flip-flops.

It’s normal for the ladies to wear their best pair of shoes during their special day. However, if you want to settle for your most comfortable foot wear, consider wearing flip flops. Just wear your wedding shoes at the ceremony. Then, during the reception, change to your comfy flip flops.

Don’t forget to feed your vendors.

This is a basic act of courtesy you need to do. Many of your vendors work around 15 hours each day, without break times. Be nice to them. They don’t deserve leftover food and tap water.

The wedding reception will be over soon.

At the end of the day, you will get exhausted, and feel glad that the event is over. The only thing you would want to do is head over to your honeymoon destination, and begin a loving marriage with your partner.

Consider not having a big reception.

Several couples spend six figures on their dream weddings. Keep in mind that a lavish celebration is not necessary. You can celebrate your love with your friends and relatives in a frugal, unique way.