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We always have the intention of winning at just about anything that we do. Whether we want to get that job promotion we’ve always wanted or just winning in our favorite games in a live casino, we always strive to be great and achieve what we want to achieve.

That being said, it is important for you to note that casino games would require you to have some sort of luck, as well as some sound strategy that you can follow to the tee.

Despite the fact that luck still comes to play in this situation, you can vastly improve your odds at gambling by following these useful hacks:

Learn to Read the Backs of Playing Cards

If you play casino table games that involve decks of cards, you will find that the back of the cards all have the same design, right? Well, according to Phil Ivey, a casino whale, the backs of the cards are a bit different if you really look closely.

In fact, he has spent millions of dollars to try and tailor a game of Baccarat according to his specifications. He tries to memorize the backs of the cards and remember if those cards are high cards or not.

Although it doesn’t require any mathematical skill, this technique can still be used in giving you somewhat of an advantage.

Change the Way You Throw Dice

In a game of craps, you must throw a pair of dice and try to not land a seven. You must throw it to the far side of the craps table as this is just the basic premise of the game.

Normally, you would just throw it away as any sane person would, but according to Dominic “The Dominator” LoRiggio, throwing the dice a certain way would make sure that you do not land a seven each and every time.

Basically, you hold the dice with your thumb and middle finger and use a considerable amount of force to throw it to the other side of the table.

In doing so, you will land on a different number other than seven. Well, you may have to try it yourself, but a lot of people can actually attest to the veracity of this technique.

Distract the Dealer Using Your Boobs

Whether you are a man or a woman with large breasts, this is perfectly suited for casino games that has a dealer dealing cards. Anyway, this technique was originally used by Don Johnson who, at one point, won a whopping $15 million just playing Blackjack in a certain way.

What he did was amazingly simple and it involves human nature. You see, the dealer has to do some quick maths every time they deal cards so that they won’t accidentally add up to 22 with a 21-stack. However, dealer error seems to be quite common, especially if they see some boobs.

You see, most of the blackjack dealers are male and Don Johnson just hired some scantily-clothed females to act as his girlfriends. Well, it did the trick in the sense that the dealer usually made mistakes when handing out the cards. I guess you have human nature to thank for that.